lunes, 6 de septiembre de 2010

the simpson, It is an amazing tv show and very famous, I can see the chapters again and again and I don't get tired.
they show some prototypes in the society, for example some men or the police etc. I really love this show and especially homer. 
this is a tv show about the life of two men and a boy, I like a lot, just because It make me laugh a lot. and the writters are extremely good.
sometimes it is too much american but it is too funny.
south park it is a tv show for adults, they make fun on everything, (famous people, contries, politicals, religion). Some poeople cosidered that show offensive; but I really enjoy that, because I like to go beyond of the moral part of the society.
el siguiente programa, it is a tv show wich make fun on the famous people in colombia, and the problems in the society.
It was created by santiago moure and martin de fracisco, it make me laugh a lot, because a like their humor, and laugh about the things that a don't like about our society the country.
martin de francisco's humor it is very good for me, he is hylarious.
Jaime garzon, he is a humorist, He used to talk about the political situation in our country; he represent different characters. my favorite one is "Heriberto de la calle" he was a shoeshine, who used to talk about the problems in the country, or about the peoples' personal life. In my oppinion, was the funniest because he had the "victim" in from of him.
Jaime garzon was murdered in august 13 of 1999.
betto he is a cartoonist from the espectador, he is hylarious, his draws are very nice, very funny and they show colombia's reality, and at the same time he makes people laugh.

domingo, 5 de septiembre de 2010

Bacteria, he is a cartoonist, he works for the espectador new paper, he make fun on everything, but specially on the goverment. I found this guy pretty clever and pretty funny.